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Note:  We have a new assistance program as descirbed below


We now only offer assistance at the Major Mike's Spay/Neuter Clinic in Cookeville.  Under that  program, your cost for a cat or a dog to be spayed including pain medications and a rabies vaccination will be $35


How It Works

  • Call 931-854-5055 or email to and ask for an appointment and for financial assistance.

  • They will ask for personal information including how many people are in your household, the household income, your address and phone number.

  • They will determine if you qualify for assistance and let you know.

  • They will ask for information on each cat or dog to be spayed.

  • Please follow their instructions about bringing in and picking up your animals.

  • You will need to pay the $35 per animal per their instructions.

  • Please follow their post-operation instructions when you bring your animals back home.

If you do not qualify for assistance, the regular prices are:

  • Male Cat $90

  • Female Cat: $110

  • Male Dog $120

  • Female Dog $130




This assistance is made possible through donations from 
individuals and grants from other organizations.  


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