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We have ended our financial assistance program effective 11/15/22.

Regrettably, we have stopped offering financial assistance for spay/neuter.  This comes after operating for 19 years, helping fix over 14,500 dogs and cats, searching for new leadership for over a year, facing ever-increasing vet costs and a projected lack of future funds. We did not make this decision lightly because there is no current or known future replacement for low-cost spay/neuter in this community.

We are honoring all vouchers issued up through 11/15/22 and are continuing operations for an orderly end to our assistance services through at least January, 2023.  Our current Board of Directors will continue, with an election of officers and directors due at our December, 2022 annual meeting.  We plan to keep our corporation registered with the state, maintain our IRS charity status and continue to advocate for spay/neuter.

Our special thanks to all those who have helped us along the way…first as a pet rescue and then as Spay/Neuter advocates.  To our donors, large and small, our veterinarians, our volunteers and our Board members.  It’s been an interesting ride and a pleasure to make a difference in our community.

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